Maziar Mahjoobi

The Concept of No-Mind

No-Mind is a Zen Buddhist concept. When the mind is cleared of thoughts and emotions, a space is left behind where creativity can happen …  in the moment, and this space is called No-Mind. Creativity is not possible with a cluttered mind, and this state is often reached through love or meditation.

My Work

My name is Maziar (Maz) Mahjoobi and I work with most stages of brand development such as logo design, business card design, package design, signage, ad design, website design, app and UI design & photography.

My work includes web design consisting of personal, commercial, portfolio and e-commerce websites.

My photography work includes commercial & product photography and photo manipulation, retouching and restoration.

I also do book and magazine design & layout, including app and ebook implementation.

The languages and platforms I use include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, iOS and WordPress.

Please contact me for quotes and pricing. Thanks 🙂